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Net benefits – Jenny Glenn is Coach of the Year

Volleyball head coach Jenny Glenn only joined the Roadrunners in March, but already her tireless work ethic and sparkling results have brought her the ultimate college honor.

November 17, 2016

After living and breathing Roadrunners volleyball for the past nine months, Jenny Glenn was psyched when she was named Coach of the Year. Mark Cox caught up with this year’s success story.

What was your first reaction when you heard the news?
I felt super fortunate to have inherited such a great team and support staff. They have all been really supportive and my success is just a reflection of them. Besides, the girls are the ones out there on the court doing the work.

Does the team know yet? What did they say?
Since the news broke, the girls have been posting and texting their congratulations. It’s really sweet.

You just arrived here in March. How have you made such an impact so quickly?
I had a lot of veteran returners and their leadership made my transition a whole lot easier. Plus, everyone was on board from day one. They welcomed me with open arms and have done all that I asked.

Sum up your coaching philosophy in less than 10 words.
‘Impact the lives of my students for the better.’ That’s it, really. Whether we win or lose, I want to help them grow into better people through their experience with the team.

What’s the toughest thing about your job?
Truthfully? Recruiting is hard. Finding girls who are the right fit for your program – both in terms of talent level and character – is a tough mix to find. Plus, you have to like them and they have to like you. It’s a complex people puzzle.

You’re incredibly busy. What do you do to wind down?
Although I live in a big city, I’m a mountain girl at heart – from a small Colorado town called Granby – so I love to escape to the high country. I definitely need my hiking fix occasionally.

If this run of success continues, there will probably be a Hollywood biopic movie at some point. Who would play you?
[At this point, Jenny blushed and threw the question to her colleagues. One came up with the following answer.] Jennifer Garner. Because she’s America’s sweetheart but, like her character in the show Alias, can really kick some butt when needed.

How far do you think this team could go?
We’re playing with composure and confidence right now, and we’re the No. 2 seed, so there’s a lot of motivation. This is definitely a team that’s capable of making it to the Elite Eights, and maybe even further.

What would it mean to you and the team to win this year?
It would be such a great accomplishment. I’ve asked a lot of this team – pushed them to do things they haven’t done before to achieve things they couldn’t before – so it would be lovely to see them bear the fruits of all that hard work and sacrifice. I’m already proud of them, but we’re still eager for more!

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