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Comings and goings

Get the scoop on the new faces around campus and learn who has recently departed MSU Denver.

November 9, 2016

Comings and Goings

MSU Denver’s new hires

Tupua “Roy” Alo Fua, Equity Specialist Coordinator, Equal Opportunity
Claire Alfus, Administrative Services Assistant, Social Work
John Arnold, Associate Director of Videography and Production, Marketing and Communications
Talya Atkinson, Payroll Accountant, Payroll Services
Tyler Bachelder, Assistant Professor, Aviation and Aerospace Science
Lissandra Baldan Jenkins, Assistant Professor, Biology
Caitlin Bauer, Student Services Specialist for Marketing, Recruiting, Admissions and Advising, Social Work
Michelle Baum, Assistant Professor, Journalism
Henricus Bouwmeester, Assistant Professor, Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Emily Brower, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Mallory Brunel, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Amanda Campbell, Lecturer, Social Work
Jennifer Cappa, Lecturer, Biology
Amy Cardillo, Lecturer, Accounting
Trina Chambers, Lecturer, Extended Campus
Sophia Cherry, Lecturer, Chemistry
Carma Cook, Lecturer, Chemistry
Mark Cox, Staff Writer and Student Retention, Marketing and Communications
Kristin Danhoff, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Tobi DeLong-Hamilton, Lecturer, Social Work
David Devine, Lecturer, Music
David Dickerson, Director of the International Business Program, College of Business
Jessica Dorestant, Lecturer, Nutrition
Matthew Drake, Lecturer, Social Work
Lauren Fox, Academic Advisor, College of Business
Latonya Frank, Junior Windows Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services
Brendan Fry, Assistant Professor, Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Robert Gallegos, Family Literacy Instructor and Parent Facilitator, Family Literacy
Anthony Giambusso, Lecturer, Philosophy
Susan Gills, Lecturer, Nutrition
Sandra Gourley, Lecturer, Nursing
Chittibabu Govindarajulu, Associate Dean, College of Business
Patrick Griswold, Assistant Professor, Human Services
Tara Hammar, Assistant Professor, Human Services
Kevin Hammons, Lecturer, Human Services
Jessie Hendrixson, Academic Program Coordinator, Philosophy
Ibon Izurieta, Interim Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Jason Janke, Interim Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Bobbie Kite, Assistant Professor, Human Services
Nahum Kisner, Director of High School Upward Bound, TRIO
Steve Klodt, Interim Managing Editor and Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing and Communications
Steve Krizman, Assistant Professor, Journalism
Andrew Kuebeck, Assistant Professor, Art
Salim Lakhani, Lecturer, Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Megan Lawless, Lecturer, Education
Rachel Lundstrom, Women’s Studies Retention and Success Advisor, Women’s Studies
Chad Magee, Lecturer, Chemistry
Hannah Martin, Clinical Placement Manager, Nursing
Debra Mathias, Lecturer, Nursing
Michael Maza, Assistant Director of Field Education, Social Work
Shawn Meek, Assistant Professor, Art
Alysyn Middleton, Lecturer, First Year Success
Frances Miller, Equity Specialist Coordinator, Equal Opportunity
Alisha Mills, Student Services Specialist for Advising, Retention and Alumni Services, Social Work
Kayoko Moore, Lecturer, Modern Languages
Allison Morgan, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, Academic Advising
Jason Murillo, Building Engineer, Facilities
Odon Musimbi, Assistant Professor, Engineering
Ashley Nason, Lecturer, Art
Rebecca Nemec, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Shari Nolan, Lecturer, Extended Campus
Ann Obermann, Lecturer, Social Work
Terrance Paape, Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist, Academic Advising
Jooeun Pak, Assistant Professor, Music
Robert Park, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences Institute, College of Professional Studies
David Parr, Assistant Professor, Aviation and Aerospace Science
Joshua Pasley, Physician Assistant, Student Health Center
Adrienne Perucca, Graduate Admissions Coordinator, Admissions
Cory Phare, Staff Writer, Marketing and Communications
Andrea Rascon, International Admissions Counselor, TRIO
Sheriff Rasheed, Accessibility Coordinator, Access Center
Eron Reed, Lecturer, Extended Campus
Michael Reuther, Desktop Systems Engineer, Information Technology Services
Eneri Rodriguez, Lecturer, Women's Studies
Sarah Roesch, Perkins Loan Specialist, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Abigail Rolph, Interim Director of Media Relations, Intercollegiate Athletics
Susie Ryder, Lecturer, Social Work
Darlene Sampson, Lecturer, Social Work
Connie Sanders, Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office
Richard Sandoval, Lecturer, Anthropology
Erin Seedorf, Lecturer, Health Professions
Dorothy Shapland, Lecturer, Education
Daphne Simmonds, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
Rachel Sinley Assistant Professor, Nutrition
Tiffany Snell, University Events Specialist, Marketing and Communications
Thad Spaulding, Deputy Director of Financial Aid, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Darla Sprinkle Renke, Transfer Evaluator, TRIO
Steven Stanek, Senior Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services
Eileen Starr, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Andrew Swanson, Accessibility Technology Specialist, Access Center
Shantel Torres, Customer Service Coordinator, Registrar's Office
Scott Szechenyi, Lecturer, Chemistry
Manuel Urrutia Zarzo, Lecturer, First Year Success
Wendy Walker, Finance Advisor and Department Coordinator, College of Business
Moses Wambalaba, Equity Specialist Coordinator, Equal Opportunity
Christine Watson, Lecturer, Economics
Qiongqi “Angelina” Xiao, Assistant Professor, Finance
Gina Yrrizarry, Communications Manager, Center for Visual Art

Recently departed from MSU Denver

Yenyeakel Alemayhu, Accounting Technician II, Health Center
Shawn Anderson, Lecturer, Nursing
Amanda Barrell, Academic and Special Projects Specialist, School of Education
Theresa Bazacos, Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center
Kandi Brown, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
Kate Burns, Transfer Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Sarah Cozzini, Financial Aid Loan Counselor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Stacey DeFore, Director of Government Relations and University Events, Marketing and Communications
Flora DeRobles, Graduation Evaluator, Registrar's Office
Lori Diefenbacher, Individualized Degree Specialist, Center for Individualized Learning
Janie Ferro, Data Specialist, Admissions
Lisa Grady-Willis, Lecturer, First Year Success
Winston Grady-Willis, Chair, Africana Studies
Alanna Hager, Staff Psychologist, Counseling Center
Patty Hakala, Linux Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services
Kristine Tomiko Jones, Assistant Professor, Art
David Lee, Assistant Professor, Marketing
Shifeng Long, Senior Project Manager, Engineering and Engineering Technology
Alison Lough, Associate Director of Student Projects, Student Persistence
Justin Mayhall, Veteran Education Benefits Certifying Official, Registrar's Office
Brett McPherson, Interim 50th Anniversary Content Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Consuelo Elizabeth Mendez-Shannon, Assistant Professor, Social Work
Annie Miller, Field Coordinator, Human Services
Pamela Osborne, Director, TRIO High School Upward Bound
Darlene Pielack, Instructional Technology Specialist, Educational Technology Center
Donna Potempa, Academic Department Coordinator
Sarah Renshaw, Visiting Assistant Professor, Art
Lori Saiki, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Ricardo Sarabia, Financial Aid Counselor, Financial Aid and Scholarships
Frank Scott, Lecturer, Aviation and Aerospace Science
Andrea Sierra, Administrative Assistant III, Student Health Center
Jennie Stoutenburg, Accessibility Coordinator, Access Center
Michael Wolf, Process Transformation Specialist, DELTA

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