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Peter Miles Bergman


Courses Taught


Current Semester Schedule

52016 CDES-2225-001 Typographic Syntax MW 1230-1515
52194 CDES-4802-001 Letterpress Assistantship TBA TBA-TBA
52196 CDES-4842-002 Directed Studies in CDES TBA TBA-TBA
52754 CDES-4000-001 Zeromile and 'Zines I TR 1530-1815
52755 CDES-4001-001 Zeromile and 'Zines II TR 1530-1815
52943 CDES-4600-002 Comm Design Portfolio Develop TR 1230-1515

Central Classroom Building - 311A
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Office Hours

Monday - [12:30 to 03:00]
Wednesday - [12:30 to 03:00]

Vita File

Personal Biography

As an Assistant Professor in Art, Communication Design I combine an academic interest in Design with professional experience in printing and print publishing, with an active exhibition and small press publishing practice in which published limited edition books and magazines are my work product and art.

Teaching Philosophy

Courses I teach cover a broad range of the design practice from the first art class a student will take to their Communication Design Sr. Experience; Studio Foundations 2D, Studio Foundations 4D, Design Media, Typographic Syntax, Communication Design Internship, Communication Design Portfolio Development, Directed Studies, Studio Assistants for Letterpress and five courses I developed the materials for - Professional Practices, Typographic Pragmatics, Integrated Production Techniques, Zeromile and Zines, and Communication Design Senior Thesis Exhibition.


Areas of research that primarily interest me are; Traditional Letterpress Printing and it's history, Typography, Self-Publishing, Artists Books, 'zines (self-published magazines), "DIY" or do-it-yourself small press printing and it's surrounding ethos, and Communication Design in the context of web based Social Media. I am also interested in; Inter-text and interactive narratives, Documentary Strategies, process based Performance Art, Conceptual Art and Design as a tool of authorship.

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