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Mr John J Wanberg

Industrial Design

Courses Taught


Current Semester Schedule

50865 IND-3660-001 Computer Aided Modeling MW 0830-1045
51597 IND-1450-001 Tech Drawing & CAD TR 0830-1045
51920 IND-4460-001 Professional ID Studio TR 1200-1525

Aerospace and Engineering Sci. - 200E
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Office Hours

Monday - [01:00 to 03:30]
Wednesday - [01:00 to 03:30]

Personal Biography

John Wanberg currently teaches Professional ID Studio, SolidWorks/Computer-Aided Modeling, and Technical Drawing and CAD.

Educational Biography

John Wanberg earned a BFA in Industrial Design in 2000 from Brigham Young University with a minor in Japanese. He received his Industrial Design MSD (Masters of Science in Design) from Arizona State University in 2005 where he also taught Industrial Design courses for three years.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that responsibility for real learning lies on the shoulders of both the student and the teacher: one cannot perform well without the assistance of the other. Therefore, I view the classroom/lab environment as a co-op of shared experience in which I endeavor to share my particular experience and knowledge with students as they share their varied knowledge with me. Additionally, I believe that students gain a far deeper understanding of subjects that they can get their hands “dirty” with--the more practice, the better. When concepts are practiced, skills are developed and solidified rather than simply given lip service.


John's research interests include assistive bio-robotics, electric and alternative transportation, user-initiated design, and customization cultures. He enjoys mixing theoretical concepts of design with real-world, hands-on application and loves to explore the limits of design’s capabilities. His expertise includes technology-based conceptualization, “mechano-aesthetic” design, prototype fabrication, and composites manufacturing and applications. He is currently researching and developing an all-composite bodied alternative vehicle called the "Axys" with partial assistance from undergraduate students.

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