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Dr Joseph P Hasley

Computer Information Systems

Courses Taught


Current Semester Schedule

51103 CIS-2010-006 Foundtns of Information Systms TR 0930-1045
51114 CIS-3060-001 Database Management Systems MW 1400-1515
53692 CIS-2010-003 Foundtns of Information Systms TBA TBA-TBA
53830 CIS-3460-001 Data Warehousing & Mining TBA TBA-TBA

Administration Building - 590D
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Personal Biography

Joseph is an assistant professor currently in his fifth year at MSU Denver. Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in management information systems, and a PhD in Information Systems. Joseph is currently active on his department continuous improvement and external relations committees, and the business school assessment of learning committee. Joseph is an active representative for the CIS department in the faculty senate, and currently serves on the student affairs board. Joseph currently teaches courses in information systems and quantitative methods. Prior to becoming a full-time professor, Joseph worked for five years in the telecom industry and for three years doing data mining for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Joseph regularly attends academic conferences where he presents his scholarly work and publishes in refereed journals.

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