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Dr Douglas Mpondi

African American Studies

Courses Taught


Current Semester Schedule

50233 HIS-1940-031 Survey of African History TBA TBA-TBA
51993 AAS-1130-003 Survey of African History FYS TBA TBA-TBA
54699 AAS-2010-001 Interdisc Research Methods MW 1230-1345
54944 GWS-2010-001 Interdisc Research Methods MW 1230-1345
54949 CHS-2030-001 Interdisc Research Methods MW 1230-1345
55255 AAS-4850-002 Rsrch Seminar Africana Studies TBA TBA-TBA

Central Classroom Building - 304 K
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Personal Biography

I have a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and an M.A. in African studies from Ohio University. I obtained an M.A. and a B.A in African languages and literature, a postgraduate certificate in education, all from the University of Zimbabwe. I have published book chapters on national culture and globalization in Zimbabwe. I am fluent in four African languages.

Teaching Philosophy

Peoples and Cultures of Africa; African history; African politics and Government; Conflict and Development in Southern Africa; US Foreign Policies in Africa; Conflicts and Conflict Resolutions in Africa; Research methods in African Studies; Seminar in African Development; Education and Development in Africa; Fieldwork Research Methods in developing countries.


-African politics, culture, and globalization, African political economy, African conflicts & conflicts resolution, democratic transitions and development in Africa -Women and development in Africa -Race and racism; colonial and postcolonial studies; critical cultural studies -Black social and political movements -Immigration and the politics citizenship in Africa -Globalization and gender studies; popular culture and media. -Research methods and fieldwork research in Africana Studies; -Sociological and political dimensions of national and cultural identities -Rural Development in Africa

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