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Desire Janelle-Maralyn Anastasia-Cartwright


Courses Taught


Current Semester Schedule

54232 SOC-1010-003 Introduction to Sociology MW 1100-1215
54258 SOC-2500-001 Deviant Behavior in Society TBA TBA-TBA
54259 SOC-2600-001 Art & Craft of Soc Writing MW 1400-1515
54303 SOC-3500-001 Criminology TBA TBA-TBA
54982 SOC-3500-SPO Criminology TBA TBA-TBA
54983 SOC-3510-SPO Juvenile Delinquency TBA TBA-TBA

Central Classroom Building - 106D
Staff Photo

Office Hours

Monday - [09:30 to 10:45]
[12:30 to 01:45]
Wednesday - [09:30 to 10:45]
[12:30 to 01:45]

Personal Biography

Desiré completed her Ph.D. from Wayne State University in 2008, her B.A. from Michigan State University in 1999, and her M.L.A. from Eastern Michigan University in 2001.

Teaching Philosophy

Desiré has taught Women’s Studies courses at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and at San Diego State University, Sociology courses at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, The University of San Diego, and Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Criminal Justice and Criminology courses at both San Diego State University and Metropolitan State College of Denver.


Desiré's areas of specialization include sociology of the body, body modification, gender inequality, domestic violence and sexual assault, the use of yoga for trauma, social control, feminist theory, and feminist research methods.

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