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Dr Angelica Bahl


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42310 MKT-2010-001 Marketing Around the Globe TBA TBA-TBA ONLINE-
42752 MKT-3410-001 Marketing Channels TBA TBA-TBA ONLINE-

Administration Building - 560D
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Personal Biography

In 1994, Dr. Angelica Bahl has received a Ph.D in Economics (marketing). She is originally from Russia and received her education in Moscow, Russia. Dr. Bahl has more than 30 years of teaching experience at universities in Russia and U.S. In addition to experience in a variety of teaching skills, Angelica has a great international experience: 5 years business experience in financial institutions in Russia and United States, including the position of the Director of Marketing Department of Commercial Bank; she completed the Japanese training program “Marketing activities at Japanese’s corporation”. Since 2007, she is a consultant at the World Trade Center in Denver. Since 2012, she is a visiting professor in foreign universities, including Plekhanov Russian University of Economics; Far Eastern University in Russia; SYMBIOSIS Institute of Management Studies in India.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Bahl has been teaching at Metro State University of Denver at School of Business since 2004. The primary courses: Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Logistics, and New Product Development. She develops and leads study abroad courses. Dr. Bahl's teaching philosophy is to stay abreast of the needs of students and use creative approaches to the teaching process as a cornerstone to her endeavors as an educator, dedicate to students and commit to their learning process. Teaching is her passion and she regards education as a mission rather than an employment opportunity. Angelica teaching principle is sustaining growth. With 30 years teaching experience, she has been implementing the idea that students learn dramatically from real world exercises which she uses in her classrooms. Dr. Bahl sees herself more as a student's supporter rather than as an aloft sage or strict authoritarian.


During 2008-2015, Dr. Angelica Bahl has been published about 30 research papers and completed more than 25 presentations, including the national and international levels. Her primary areas of research are marketing education, creativity in business, technology and consumer behavior, global hotel industry, and innovation in business. She has been published in academic and business journals such as Young Consumers, International Journal of Business and Social Science, Interdisciplinary Journal of Research in Business, Management and Marketing, and other academic outlets.

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